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1976 Sno-Twister 340 & 1976 Sno-Twister 250

I have 2 Liquid Cooled Sno-Twisters that I have been trying to find the time to rebuild and sell. I do not have the time so I am selling as is.

The first is a 1976 340. It has a Rebuilt Motor, Repainted Hood, a very good chassis with very good track and near perfect suspension. The tunnel is solid. It has original carbs,the looped handle bars, and aluminum skis. It is Good Mechanical and Physical Shape but needs a good cleaning prior to reassembly. The motor appears to be stock. Seating is there but the covers are not mint. There is no Tach.

The second is a 76 250. The chassis is also in good physical shape. It has a very good track with suspension. The motor has not been touched but has decent compression. All is OEM including the looped handle bars. The Arctic Hex clutch is missing. There is no Tach. It needs a good cleaning prior to reassembly.

This started as a chassis up restoration but I have run out of the time necessary to complete the job. I am selling the two machines disassembled.

$2,999 Sold!

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